Lead Software Engineer, Site Reliability at Quipper (Jul,2018〜).

I have six years of experience as a software engineer. Of that, I have two years of experience as a Site Reliability Engineer.

I’m good at implementing the necessary technologies and processes for organizations. I recently introduced a central theme, SLI/SLO, to both Japanese and global products and promoted it to a situation where developers can handle it themselves.

As a team and project lead, I can find a problem correctly and take the team forward through communication and facilitation.

I completed technical projects with a high degree of uncertainty and impact, such as migrating a Kubernetes Cluster from self-hosted to EKS and OS upgrades for Reverse Proxy.

I can communicate and discuss in English. As an SRE, I have introduced new technologies and processes to global product teams and supported their development productivity.


Quipper Limited (Jun,2018〜)

Lead Software Engineer, Site Reliability (Jun,2020〜)

  • Responsible of site reliability for studysapuri.jp and quipper.com
    • Lead SRE Team / Project
    • Define an alert policy and implement it in the service team
    • Introduce Progressive Delivery
    • Migrate application platform to AWS EKS

Software Engineer, Site Reliability for Global Product (Jun 2018 ~ Jun 2020)

  • Responsible for site reliability for quipper.com
    • Build an SLO review culture for all product teams.
    • Improve Circuit Breaker by introducing Envoy proxy
    • Manage Cloud Infrastructure with Code (Kubernetes manifest, Terraform DSL, Ansible Playbook, Nginx configuration, and CircleCI)
    • Build a standardized system for Microservices (Readiness Check, SLO, RDS self-service, Define service owner)
    • Improve site performance with Nginx Cache or CDN

Fujitsu Limited (Apl,2014 - Jun,2018)

Software Engineer